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May 05, 2006

Sambora / Richards...Locklear? 30

Love Hurts

It’s likely to be the messiest twin divorces in Hollywood history as 80s actor Charlie Sheen and his ex Denise Richards fight it out in the courts alongside TV babe Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora, lead guitarist for Bon Jovi. Both couples, neighbours in Malibu's Westlake Village as well as now ex-good friends, have been airing their dirty laundry to gossip hungry tabloids.

Denise Richards, a former Bond Girl, has twice filed for divorce from Charlie Sheen, claiming her ex-hubby is “controlling, paranoid”. Not only has she slapped a restraining order on the father of her two kids, but she has also allegedly stolen the husband of ex-best friend, Heather Locklear. Claiming her and Richie Sambora are madly in love, Denise has been flaunting her romance with the soft rocker right under Heather Locklear’s nose!

Denise’s behaviour has outraged her neighbours: “She betrayed Heather, Heather’s daughter and all of us who live here,” insisted a neighbour of the feuding ex-best friends. “This is a family-oriented community, and the last person I want living here now is Denise Richards.” Ouch! The New York Post reported that Charlie Sheen’s ex actually began her secret affair with the Bon Jovi guitarist in November of 2005. Which may explain why Richards pushed Locklear to file for divorce from her rocker hubby in January. It was claimed that Locklear was devastated after she had intercepted steamy emails between her husband and his former assistant. Richards, who was in the midst of her nasty divorce from Sheen, reportedly told Heather that “Richie wasn’t husband material and (that) Heather would be better off without him,” dished a source. Once 44-year-old blond bombshell Heather announced her split from Sambora, friends of both actresses say Richards, 35, mysteriously stopped calling. Heartbroken Heather only learnt about her husband's new romance when her publicist showed her pictures of Denise sitting in Richie's lap. Double ouch. While Locklear is maintaining a dignified silence, Denise has been blabbering to all and sundry that it was in fact Heather who betrayed her Yep, you read it right. Not content with badmouthing her ex-Hollywood hubby and stealing a mate's husband, Denise Richards is claiming Heather is out to make her look like the "bad guy" in the press. Denise love, you're doing it all by yourself!

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