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June 19, 2006

Sambora / Richards...Locklear? 59

Hollywood dating scene a revolving door

Romance Roundabout: Jessica Simpson has had a few dates with Hollywood hottie, Jared Leto, but is more than a little put off when other girls mob him.

Paris Hilton has dumped footballer Matt Leinart and is now in the arms of actor Lucas Babin. Orlando Bloom is trying for a rematch with former girlfriend Kate Bosworth, but having been previously disappointed by his lack of constancy, she's playing hard to get.

Prediction: Jessica can't handle Jared; Paris dumps Lucas after just days; Orlando won't win Kate back.

- - -

Angelina Jolie is not happy about new dad Brad Pitt's decision to take helicopter flying instruction, much preferring him to stay with fixed-wing flying like her. But Brad's disregarding her warnings that choppers are more dangerous and has booked a series of 12 lessons with a California flight instructor. Meanwhile, they've decided to split their residency between California, France and probably Namibia, where the government's so pleased with their decision to buy property (and probably adopt a local child), it's guaranteeing them continued privacy from paparazzi whenever they return. Their new daughter, Shiloh, is thriving and Brad's next big hope is for a son. But Angelina's told him: "Wait a minute -- I'm getting back to my career, and a third adoption comes before a second pregnancy."

Prediction: Despite their denial of marriage plans, this pair will wed before the year's out.

- - -

Tom Cruise is stopping fiancee Katie Holmes from sending out pictures of their daughter, Suri, because he's paranoid the child could become a target for kidnappers. Katie's parents are particularly irritated by Tom's fears because not even they have a photo of their grandchild. She wanted to follow Brad and Angelina's example and sell the first images of Suri to a magazine, then donate the millions it would have generated to charity, but Tom nixed the idea.

Prediction: Katie infuriates Tom by sending out pictures of her daughter to friends and family -- and it nearly causes a breakup.

- - -

Despite a damage-control appearance on TV claiming her marriage to Kevin Federline is "awesome," Britney Spears is still holding the threat of divorce over her playboy husband's head unless he changes his lifestyle. Meanwhile, Kevin's fuming pregnant Brit has hired naval academy graduate and former bar bouncer Perry Taylor, 28, as a combined bodyguard and "manny" to help with baby Sean Preston. Friends confide: "This ultra-fit guy is well capable of kicking chain-smoking, boozing Kevin's flabby butt if he gets obstreperous and Kev knows it. He's full of suspicion this guy could end up his replacement because Britney's already fond of him."

Prediction: This marriage won't last much longer. Britney falls for Perry but he rebuffs her and leaves.

- - -

Denise Richards is another one who used a TV interview to defend herself against reports she stole Richie Sambora, best friend Heather Locklear's husband. She says Heather and Richie were broken up when she fell for Richie and her own marriage to Charlie Sheen was history. But Denise, who's twice spent European vacations with Richie, is fearful he could return to Heather after overhearing him chatting affectionately by phone with his ex while Denise was in Paris with the rocker. Denise wants to be the next Mrs Sambora, but his Bon Jovi bandmates are telling him: "You'd be crazy to jump out of the frying pan into the marital fire so soon..."

Prediction: Denise is heart-broken when Richie dumps her; Charlie Sheen laughs his head off.

- - -

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are said to have come to a meeting of the minds about their relationship: They'll marry only if she becomes pregnant, but it's not a binding option. If they break up, they'll have joint custody of the child. They both agree marriage right now is too soon after her divorce from Brad Pitt -- and neither wants to risk it.

Prediction: There won't be a baby, nor will they wed.

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