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May 28, 2006

Classic Rock

May 26

Elton John's band are on my flight. A strange looking bunch, over-tanned with clothes FAR to young for them. They remind me of a bunch of ghouls - I'll stick to black.

Land at 10am, an hour early. Three hours later I'm still at Heathrow as the airline have lost two of my bags. They tell me they are in LA. They'll be flown over tomorrow - how nice of them. The agent seems amazed that I'm getting pissed off.

Finally home. Got the new Classic Rock magazine with a Bon Jovi cover by me - have to say it looks great. What a magazine cover should be like, except you would need a microscope to find the credits inside. A JOKE - it's something which always pisses me off.

PS. Classic Rock has a Metallica special about my new book with lots of outtakes that aren't in it...

Posted by riesambo at May 28, 2006 12:48 AM