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May 16, 2006

Sambora / Richards...Locklear? 36

Sambora: 'I'm single'
Im' no cheat: Richie
Sambora urges his female fans to mingle as he痴 still single!
A shot to the heart?
Celebrity backtalk, fit to a T

Team Heather and Team Denise

''Richie (Sambora)'s revenge . .
Sambora: 'I'm single'

Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora has rubbished reports he is dating former Bond girl Denise Richards, insisting he's still single.

The Livin' On A Prayer guitarist stunned fans when he was spotted kissing his wife Heather Locklear's former best friend Richards in April, just four months after Locklear filed for divorce, and has been hounded by reports of a romance ever since.

But speaking after a performance in Dusseldorf, Germany, where Bon Jovi are currently touring, Sambora claimed, "Tell my female fans I am single and ready to party."

Reports claimed Richards had been invited to join the rocker and his band as they continue their Have A Nice Day tour in Europe this summer.

Im' no cheat: Richie
ROCKER Richie Sambora has denied claims he cheated on wife Heather Locklear.

The Bon Jovi guitarist, who has been linked to his estranged spouse's best friend Denise Richards, insists reports that he had an affair before splitting from the blonde actress are rubbish.
He told America's Us Weekly magazine: "I remained faithful during my marriage. And I defy anyone to refute that. I will do anything to enable all of us to move past all of this."

The rocker and Richards were reportedly spotted kissing and cuddling at Le Cafe in Westlake Village, near Los Angeles late last month, but there was no suggestion they had started their romance while both married to their now estranged partners.

Former Bond girl Richards is currently locked in a bitter divorce battle with Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, while Sambora and Locklear are also preparing to drag each other through the courts.

Meanwhile, a source close to the musician claims he is furious that his wife is angry he is now dating Richards - because he feels he has the right to move on even if she is her best friend.

The friend said: "He can't believe he's accused of wrongdoing, since Heather ended the marriage, tried to break their ironclad prenuptial and has now started dating David Spade."

Sambora urges his female fans to mingle as he痴 still single!

Washington, May 15(ANI): Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora has rebuffed claims of a romace with Bond girl Denise Richards, insisting he痴 still single and very much ready to mingle.

The Livin� On A Prayer guitarist stunned fans when he was spotted locking lips with his estranged wife Heather Locklear痴 former best friend Richards in April (06), just four months after Locklear filed for divorce, and has been hounded by reports of an affair ever since.

典ell my female fans I am single and ready to party,� Contactmusic quoted the star, as claiming after a performance in Dusseldorf, Germany, where Bon Jovi are currently touring.

Reports also claimed Richards had been invited to join the rocker and his band as they continue their Have A Nice Day tour in Europe this summer (06).(ANI)

A shot to the heart?

IN THE LATEST string of Hollywood love triangles, Denise Richards has apparently hooked up with Richie Sambora, who just happens to be her friend Heather Locklear's soon-to-be ex-husband. Well, former friend.

"Omigod I feel so bad for Heather. It is so wrong," sniffs Lizzy, a Heather devotee in a chat on www.usmagazine.com.

While the love web is far less tangled outside Hollywood, the subject is a relevant one. Assuming you don't wreck any homes, is it kosher to date someone your friend has dated? If so, when?

"It really depends on the situation," says Rochelle Adams, dating expert for Yahoo Personals. "And it's mostly about communication and checking in with all parties involved."

That's how Nicole Benitah handled it. At a house party last summer, she hit it off with a guy her roommate, Shae Knight, had gone on a handful of dates with the year before. Before Benitah passed him her digits, she ran it by Shae.

"I verified with her that it was OK before going out with him," explains Benitah, of San Francisco. "I was pretty certain she wouldn't care before I started talking to him based on her description of their prior interactions."

Knight adds that she gave Benitah "permission to recycle most of those exes"; "those" being situations that don't last long, fizzle out or aren't serious to begin with.

"I think the only reason that it was OK with me was that I was really interested in someone else, and he never really pushed my buttons to begin with," she says. "I do have to admit it was a bit strange, but she and I are both cool enough that we were both OK with it."

So what was once "sloppy seconds" is now recycled goods? To some extent, yes.

"The opportunity for people to connect has grown for singles, and there is this pervasive sense of 'Where is the person for me?'" Adams explains. "So it makes sense that we're more about not letting a good person get away and even trying to fix him or her up with our friends."

Still, communication is paramount. Whether they dated for six weeks or six years, your friend may be putting on a face that he's over the relationship when really he was traumatized by it, says Adams.

"It's tough," says Ali Fazeri of Livermore, whose buddy is dating a girl he saw in college. "You've moved on but it's still weird to imagine them together. But hey, it didn't work out for us. Maybe it will for them."

Pleasant Hill psychotherapist Valerie Gannon says a number of issues can arise, not only for the two friends but also for the person who's dated both of them.

"The level of confidentiality around intimacy is an issue," she says. "The person who's dated both would wonder how much the two have talked about him or her. Close friends and couples are two very intimate types of relationships."

As a general rule, Gannon says if the couple dated for less than a year, it could be possible to move on in, but only after they've made a clean break -- several months -- and you've talked it out.

"You might find out they ruined the other person's life and the friendship is more important," she adds.

And what about marriage, as in the Richards-Sambora-Locklear fiasco? Is someone off limits if he or she is the ex-husband or ex-wife of a friend? Not necessarily, says Gannon.

"If your friend is emotionally finished with the relationship, then you're not risking the friendship," she says before adding, "But I couldn't do it."

But as is often the case with love, sometimes things just happen. A Walnut Creek male, who wished to remain anonymous, can speak to that.

About a month ago, Tom, we'll call him, ran into his best friend's ex-fiancee during a lunch rush in Pleasant Hill. The couple had gone out for three years and were engaged for one of those years. The relationship ended two years ago.

Anyway, they exchanged numbers and now, a spark has developed.

"We started talking without ever knowing we wanted to get together," he explains. "We weren't pursuing each other. "

At the same time, he says, "I didn't look at it as territory I can't go after."

The best friend recently discovered their union, by accident, and was notably upset.

"It surprised him," Tom says. "He thought I had lied to him but it was really that I wanted to sit down and tell him about our feelings when I was sure. Now I'm sure."

"If anything," he adds, "it showed us that we need to be more open with each other."

And the woman in the situation? What does she say?

"We (she and the ex-fiance) weren't right for each other," she says. "But this feels good."

Celebrity backtalk, fit to a T

Got a statement about a celebrity scandal? Then let your top do the talking in any of the T-shirts sporting points of view about lockups, hookups and breakups. From "Free Lil' Kim" to "Feed Lindsay," snarky celeb tops "provide commentary in a superficial, funny way. They've replaced the bumper sticker," says Allure editor in chief Linda Wells. Trendy New York and L.A. shops sell them, but fans can go to a T-shirt website or store and create their own. USA TODAY rounds up the latest in gabby garb.

Team Heather and Team Denise

$48 at Kitson in Los Angeles

• Spawned by: Denise Richards' breakup with Charlie Sheen — and her subsequent public smooching with former friend Heather Locklear's estranged hubby Richie Sambora. (On Friday, Richards and Sheen announced they were working on a child custody agreement.) So far, Heather is outselling Denise 3-2.

Naomi hit me ... For My Chip and Pepper Denim

$30 at Chip & Pepper's downtown New York store

• Spawned by: Naomi Campbell being accused in March of attacking her housekeeper over missing jeans, which were identified by Chip & Pepper as the company's line of Nik denim. The shirts have sold quickly. "We're honored that she's wearing our jeans," says company co-head Chip Foster. "It's fun to give the situation a little humor."

Team Aniston and Team Jolie

$48 at Kitson in L.A.

• Spawned by: What else? Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's split, and his subsequent relationship with globe-trotting do-gooder Angelina Jolie. (The two are expecting their first child together.) Proving that the public's sympathy still sticks with the former Friends star, the Aniston top is outselling Jolie 15-1.

Team Nick and Team Jessica

$48 at Kitson in L.A.

• Spawned by: The tabloid-ready breakup of reality TV couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson amid scuttlebutt of affairs, career jealousy and raging egos. Lachey's side is winning the wear war, outselling Simpson by 40-1.

Free Katie, Suri Too!

$11-$23 at freekatie.net

• Spawned by: Katie Holmes' romance with Tom Cruise, and last month's birth of daughter Suri. Creator Sheila Cameron was inspired when Holmes' fiancé Cruise jumped on Oprah Winfrey's couch last May. She "saw him drag poor Katie Holmes out onstage," whipped up a shirt and a website, and sent the URL to friends. She has sold several thousand shirts.

TRASH TALK Maury, Abe, O.J., Tom (you so love this stuff) To make sure you don't miss the latest trash talk, here's the dish from Dallas News reporter Holly Warren, who reads the tabloids so you don't have to.


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