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May 13, 2006

Sambora / Richards...Locklear? 34

Sleeping With the Enemy
Richie Sambora is speaking out --
Sleeping With the Enemy

“SOMEONE whom Heather trusted and believed in turned out to be a thief who stole her husband,” says Ivana Trump. “I hope Denise isn’t sleeping too well these days.”

Denise is Denise Richards, the American pin-up. Heather is Heather Locklear, whose estranged husband Richie Sambora is sleeping with Denise. And Ivana need not worry about Denise’s sleeping because if the rumours right, Denise is up all night shagging her new man.

But what of Heather? She was Denise’s best friend, according to the Enquirer. And Denise did not have the decency to tell her that she and Richie were dating.

Heather only knew of the relationship when her publicist, CeCe Yorke, told her of photographs showing Denise perched on Richie’s lap. “Heather couldn’t believe it,” says a source. “But then she saw the photos and she was stunned.”

And, as the New York Post has reported, the romance began in November 2005, a time when, apparently, Denise was telling Heather to ditch her man and that she would be better off without him.

This casts Denise in a less than favourable light, although she has tried to contact Heather. But Heather is not taking Denise’s calls nor reading her letters. They have not spoken since January.

Which might have been about the time Denise stopped getting an unbroken night’s sleep...

Cheap shot - Porter's People

Richie Sambora is speaking out -- and the guitar hero is blasting rumors that he cheated on wife Heather Locklear.
``I remained faithful during my marriage,'' msnbc.com reported, quoting Us mag. ``And I defy anyone to refute that.''
Sambora -- who is rumored to have dallied with Denise Richards, the estranged wife of Charlie Sheen as well as Locklear' ex-best friend -- clearly is miffed about all the headlines surrounding the modern-day Peyton Place drama.
``He can't believe he's accused of wrongdoing, since Heather ended the marriage, tried to break their ironclad prenup and has now started dating David Spade,'' an ``insider'' tells the mag, adding that Richards ``would love to spend time'' with Sambora and is thinking about joining him on the European leg of Bon Jovi's tour.
``Richie feels he's entitled to date, too, and he's developed strong feelings for Denise,'' says the snitch.

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