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April 04, 2006


JAPAN - get ready... the bags are packed, the gear is en route... the band will be on your shores by the end of this week. Enjoy!

(Monday, April 3, 2006)
Just some various assorted sundry and non-sequiiters on the Bon Jovi front to pass along:

Remember to go to www.cmt.com so you can register to vote for BON JOVI and JENNIFER NETTLES for Collaborative Video of the Year. "WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T GO HOME" is up for an award and voting is up to YOU!

Remember to check out www.vh1.com and their new format for the VSPOT TOP 20 COUNTDOWN -- now it's like the Countdowns at CMT and GAC -- YOU get to help decide the videos on the countdown by clicking and dragging the different videos into the spot on the countdown you'd like them to come in. You'll need to sign up there as well but it's your chance to you have your voice heard and see "WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T GO HOME" climb up the VH-1 charts.

The 20/20 episode featuring a profile on JON BON JOVI aired on ABC this past Friday night, March 31st. Great piece -- though the nature of putting together these types of shows is that much of the great interview footage lands on the cutting room floor (or in this day and age of digital editing, in a harddrive you'll never see.) But, ABC does have some cool things. First, if you go to the 20/20 website (http://abcnews.go.com/2020/) you can watch a piece of interview with Jon, and read the accompanying story. This is footage in which JBJ discusses his fears and his family and life on the road -- footage that was NOT included in the actual 20/20 segment that aired. Even better is the 14 minutes of additional interview footage not used in the 20/20 piece that you can watch if you go to that same link -- underneath the video there is the option for PREMIUM VIDEO. You'll need to subscribe (it's free) but then you can watch it and it's awesome. We know fans would love to have a much longer interview aired -- unfortunately, that's not the nature of these TV programs!

If you were at the Soul game on Friday night, you saw Jon Bon Jovi. He had a full day culminating with the game and the half-time presentation. Sprint, who sponsored the Bon Jovi H.A.N.D. arena tour, stepped up and donated $200K in partnership with Jon Bon Jovi and The Philadelphia Soul. The houses being built with the money from the WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T GO HOME videoshoot budget/project will house four families -- the first townhouse will be done mid-May with 2 families moving in., the second townhouse will be done end of summer with another 2 families moving in at that time. Sprint's donation and Jon and the Soul's continued community work will ensure that another 2-family home will be constructed in Philadelphia in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. Jon was on the field at halftime (pictures are up on www.wireimage.com) for the presentation along with reps from Habitat for Humanity, the local Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia Branch, Sprint and 3 of the families benefitting from the houses built in partnership with Bon Jovi. Pretty great half-time presentation.

In the BILLBOARD ad that was posted on this site last week, it noted that there would be an appearance on CBS Sunday News. That date has not been finalized however, if you were at the Soul game on Friday night and you saw cameras following Jon -- that was what it was for. When we know more about when that feature story might air, we'll pass it along.

Check out UK radio tomorrow -- Jon will be doing phoners to Virgin, IRN, Capitol and BBC1!

JAPAN - get ready... the bags are packed, the gear is en route... the band will be on your shores by the end of this week. Enjoy!

Posted by riesambo at April 4, 2006 08:10 PM