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October 19, 2004


Greetings incredibly anxious BON JOVI fans... we know you're very excited about the new music on its way... here's the latest:

The official release date is Japan is confirmed as DECEMBER 1st... (T_T)

* BON JOVI will be doing VERY limited promotional work to support the box set. Some really cool promotional stuff. No details just yet - so sit tight (we know it's tough... we know it's hard... but you just have to have patience) and we'll share that information with you as we're able.

* Plans have changed slightly due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. please don't complain to the poor folks at the Q&A!) and the five songs slated for download via five different online providers won't be available tomorrow (10/19) as originally planned; actually, they will be made available NEXT TUESDAY, October 26th. (Boo, hiss... we hate www.bonjovi.com!)

* Because we know how anxious you are for music, you will still be getting new music tomorrow. HERE. FREE. Four more songs (different from the ones you'll be able to download next week.) Look for a full stream and snippets tomorrow... with full versions of those snippets being added over the next few weeks. (Yay! Wow! We LOVE www.bonjovi.com!!!)

* A full NEWS item will go up tomorrow with all the details explaining the above two paragraphs so it will be very clear to you all.

Some more info to pass your way (remember, we want to share info about the box set but we really don't want to give it all away in advance otherwise, we're taking away from the experience you have when you buy it..) -
* The official release date is Japan is confirmed as DECEMBER 1st

* The will be one live concert in mid-November at the Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jerey. There is NO detailed information available for you today. There will be SOME detailed information made available tomorrow (10/19) but not all details. There will be NO ticketing information announced until sometime next week. Keep checking back for information.

* Yes, this site will be updated to reflect the new project

* Jon Bon Jovi was in LA this past weekend working on a TV commercial for the AFL... look for more info from the AFL in the weeks to come.

* Check out the JON BON JOVI windows up at Macy's

* More teasers: Today, the web cast an easter egg on Europe.

Posted by riesambo at October 19, 2004 07:44 PM