October 15, 2004

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Author : renkoml

I've been aware and have been seriously considering one of the Jersey Stars since it was introduced months ago. At first, they were selling like hot cakes and were more often out of stock than in stock. After a while, I just decided to wait a bit and read the Harmony Central reviews and see if the guitar was really going to be worth it. After many months, there still was no review to be found on Harmony, but many units were in the hands of the buying public. About a week ago, I decided to just buy one and see what showed up. What is the worse thing that could happen? Music Yo offered a great return policy. I ordered the guitar on Monday and it showed up on Friday - just in time for the weekend! When I unpacked it, I was very surprised to see the case. Black with gold hardware and a nice gold Kramer logo on the front. Impressive! When I opened the lid, I about feel over. The guitar was absolutely gorgeous! I examined it in the light and could not find anything wrong with it. The paint was perfect. I sighted the neck with the eagle eye and it was as straight as an arrow ( a good aluminum arrow at that - the kind you stick a bear with). I ran my thumb and fore finger down both sides of the frets. Perfect. Then I checked out the stars. I've owned Fender Richie Samboras in the past. I've had the older 90's models with the big stars and the Floyd as well as the later models with the small stars and vintage trem. Those units were great guitars, but they did have slightly rounded corners on the black outline of the stars. This is because Fender outsourced the star inlays to a shop that used a CNC machine and a tiny drill bit of unknown diameter. These new Kramers are laser-cut and those stars are dead perfect! The front side of the neck has a high gloss finish that makes the whole neck really stand out. The back side is unfinished and looks great too. I was satisfied that the guitar was a thing of beauty and built really well. But what did it sound like? I plugged it into a Marshall TSL-601 as well as a Korg PX4 Pandora and was amazed. The pickups sound fantastic and the five-way swith shows great sonic versatility. There are three humbuckers so background noise is about zero. I've put about two hours into playing the Sambora this weekend and I just love it. I've owned many differnt guitars over the years - the latest purchase being a Gibson Les Paul Premium Plus in heritage cherry (great guitar). I'll go out on a limb and say that for $799 (shipping included), you will not find a better playing guitar that will turn more heads than this one. When you consider that a Fender American Series costs about the same and you get black fret dots and a in-house tremelo of questionable quality... there is no comaprison! The Sambora sports a genuine Floyd Rose (in gold mind you), SwitchCraft and Shaller parts galore, perloid tuner buttons, Gibson-made pickups, etc. I'll admit that I'm a very big Richie fan and Bon Jovi in general. Friday night I threw in an old VHS copy of "Slippery When Wet" the videos. There was a song from the MTV music awards where they played Livin' On A Prayer. Richie had the white Kramer in tow and there were plenty of close-ups. His looked like a jewel in that video. I glanced at the one sitting next to me and it felt like I had a piece of rock and roll history sitting next to me. In closing... I absolutely love this guitar and I would have payed twice the advertised price for that thing. If you are a Sambora fan - you will just love this guitar. I sure do.

Author : rickmarts

in getting ready for the kk... i found a baretta i forgot i had hiding deep in my closet... thinking about doing a neck change... just wanted some opinions...

(^_^) so cute (^_^)

Posted by riesambo at October 15, 2004 12:47 PM