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May 19, 2004

Shark Frenzy-The Secret Party


Shark Frenzy-The Secret Party Nate Sassi

In celebration of the release of Shark Frenzy Vol.1, the original line-up of Shark Frenzy reunited for an intimate evening Rock & Roll for a small audience of invited guests consisting of old friends and family.

Fresh from receiving an honorary degree earlier in the day from Kean University, Doctor Richie Sambora grabbed his guitar and joined former bandmates-guitarist/ keyboardist Bruce Foster, bassist Jody Giambelluca, drummer Steve Mosley and percussionist Tim Rudolph for passionate set of Shark Frenzy originals, Beatle & Stones covers and a couple of Richie's favorite Bon Jovi tunes.

  The crowd in the small club in Clinton New Jersey were thrilled to be a part of this special event, many of whom were there "back in the day" when the Shark Frenzy vibe was a nightly occurrence throughout the NY/NJ/PA night club and concert scene.

  I'm loving the songs on Shark Frenzy Vol.1, incredible songs by a talent laden band who's release is long overdue. Now I can't wait to hear what they've unearthed for Volume 2!

  The NJ Report-May 7, 2004

more pix... brucefoster.com

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