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June 22, 2009

Songwriters Hall Of Fame Induction Held In Times Square


The 40th annual induction ceremony of the Songwriters Hall of fame was held Thursday night at the Marriott Marquee in Midtown.Among the inductees honored was Crosby, Stills, and Nash. David Crosby and his significant other came down the red carpet. Although Crosby wrote many classic songs, he was a man of few words on the red carpet."It feels great [to be inducted," he said. "Thank you." Stephen Stills said he was thrilled to be among the inductees. "Well it's quite an honor," said Stills. "It's very good company. It's quite something. I'm quite pleased."The early 1960s songwriters, The Rascalls were also honored."It's my belief that a good song lasts forever," said Felix Cavaliere of the group. "So hopefully that same tenet applies now."The Rascalls weren't the only boys from New Jersey to be inducted; John Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora also added their sound to the Hall of Fame."It feels really good actually," said Bon Jovi. "I don't want to be a wise guy and tell you how old I feel. But the body of work speaks for itself, George. It's pretty nice. We were in the studio until 3'o'clock today. We're still making records right now."Sir Tom Jones received the hit-maker award. He spoke about another honor he received."Being knighted was the biggest thing that has ever happened to me," said Jones. "It's a great tradition. I love the British royal family and to kneel in front of the queen and she puts that sword on your shoulder. You know, that's a special moment."Andy Williams received the Towering Performance Award for the timeless "Moon River.""Without the songwriters, I guess, the singers are nothing," he said. "The song is the most important thing. They are the real artist. Singers are just the interpreters of their music."

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