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July 03, 2008

LL Cool J Calls New Album A "Summer Blockbuster"

LL Cool J says his new album, Exit 13, is his most focused and best record in years. Due out August 5, Exit 13 "is a record that I actually, honestly believe from the deepest part of my soul, I would buy — every record you make is not like that." LL told Rolling Stone that his last few albums have not been up to snuff, due to his acting career taking up much of his time. "With all my television and film projects, the quality level of my recent albums has suffered," but with the writer's strike, he was able to focus once again in the recording studio.

"This new album isn’t gonna be what people are used to hearing from me the last couple of records," he told Rolling Stone. "This thing is gonna be a whole other level of dedication, commitment, creativity — this isn’t the little independent movie, this is the big summer blockbuster.

"Exit 13 features cameos from Wyclef Jean, Lil Kim, KRS-One, Jim Jones, Method Man and The Dream, as well as a remix of the single "Baby" featuring Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. "It’s really a departure," LL says. "Rick Rubin would be proud of me."

The record was titled Exit 13 as it is LL's 13th record with Def Jam, and possibly his last. The veteran rapper was vocal in his displeasure with Jay-Z's term as President of the label. But now that the Jiggaman has stepped down, LL says he and Def Jam are "back on the same page, it feels great. It’s my last record on the contract, but that doesn’t mean that our relationship is over."

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