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May 27, 2008

Bon Jovi: Caught Live in Munich

WHEN JON BON JOVI said the rain 'was the angels crying because they couldn't get a ticket' my thoughts this gig was going to be a cheesefest were fully justified.


But credit where credit's due.

Everybody enjoys a bit of cheese at times and there is no one better at it in the rock world than this mighty foursome.

Jon, guitarist RICHIE SAMBORA, keyboard whizz DAVID BRYAN and drummer TICO TORRES had 72,000 crazy German fans at Munich's Olympic Stadium like putty in their hands from start to finish with a barn-stomping, sing-a-long, two and a half hour set.

I like the fact they don't take themselves too seriously.

I was a select group of journalists invited to this second date of their European tour to promote their recent, and more country-themed album, Lost Highway.

However instead of sticking rigidly to their more unfamiliar materal, I was delighted to see they genuinely still enjoy blasting out their old hits.

And even though he may be getting on a bit now, Jon is still a winner with the ladies, showing off his gleaming white teeth and energetic dance moves in a leather jacket that exposed his bare chest underneath.

See more pics of the rock legends on stage by clicking on the link below.

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Living On A Prayer was, and was probably always likely to be, my personal highlight on a hit-packed evening.

The audience was like a sea of bobbing lights as they shone their mobiles into the sky.

Other stand out moments include a bizarre rendition of DUFFY'S Mercy, a blazing version of THE BEATLES' Twist And Shout, classic hit Medicine and recent track I Love This Town, which was played to a backdrop of videos that fans had sent in.

And proving just why he is considered one of the best musicians in the world, Richie was mesmorising on each of the TEN guitars he used throughout the night and more than held his own on a solo of I'll Be There For You.

As the rain poured down, Jon opted to cover up his famous mullet with a baseball hat.

He had a hairdyer backstage to cater for such hiccups he but chose not to use it.

In fact, we was so relaxed and caught up with the atmosphere in 'Munich, my second home' that Jon frequently strayed from the set list, calling out random tracks (they have 150 rehearsed) to keep his gang on their toes.

After pleas by the crowd he also rallied his bandmates to complete a second encore featuring Blood On Blood.

Cheesy, yes. But lots of fun.

Bon Jovi comes to the UK on June 11.

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