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January 19, 2008

The first Hard Rock Caf� in Romania to be launched on Saturday

The first Hard Rock Caf� in Romania to be launched on Saturday

The collection of objects exhibited in the pub will include various things that once belonged to stars such as Shakira, Richie Sambora, John Lennon, Elton John, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

On Sunday, Bucharest will enter the exclusive circuit of the towns that host the famous international pub network Hard Rock Café, that achieved a great fame due the collection of objects that once belonged to rock stars. The Café will be located on 32, Kiseleff Boulevard, near the Herastrau Park from Bucharest.

The subsidiary from Bucharest will surprise customers with an exquisite menu, and visitors will be provided the opportunity to buy T-shirts, badges and other objects from the limited Hard Rock collections, available at the Rock Shop. “Bucharest is an extraordinary vivid town, with a massive variety of cultural offers. Romania and the surrounding regions represent important areas for Hard Rock Café,” Hamish Dodda, President and CEO of Hard Rock International declared.

The walls of Hard Rock Café Bucharest will be decorated with objects once belonging to the most celebrated stars of contemporary music, objects included in the famous Hard Rock collection, such as: a pair of trousers from beautiful singer Shakira, one of Richie Sambora’s guitars, a costume worn by John Lennon and one of the peculiar stage outfits of Sir Elton John. Yet, the main attractions are a top once worn by Madonna and the red jacket Michael Jackson used to wear in his “Thriller” period.

The “Hard Rock Café International” network is one of the most famous brands, due to the rock music, the exhibition of the collection mentioned above, the great menu and fun it provides.

The international collection of the Café also includes the lyrics of the song “Celebration of the Lizard”, handwritten by Jim Morrison, lead singer of the band “The Doors”, guitars that once belonged to Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, guitar player and composer of the band “The Who”, Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa, and various other objects of rock stars.

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