October 16, 2007

Richie makes a hash of it

What has rehab done to Richie Sambora?
The 80s rocker only had to remember two lines during an appearance on Saturday Night Live - and he forgot one of them. The audience collapsed in fits of giggles as the guitarist stood in the spotlight during an awkward silence. Luckily his frontman Jon Bon Jovi was there to help him out, and reminded him what he needed to say. Richie's gaff came as his band appeared on the live US show, with lead singer Jon acting as host. The pair took part in a sketch at the beginning of the show, with Richie standing up in the audience to challenge Jon when he pretended the band would not be performing that night. "Don't we have a new album?" the guitarist asked on cue. But as Jon replied, "yes" his sidekick froze, unable to remember what came next. "Do I ever consider your feelings?" the singer prompted, as the audience laughed out loud. "Do you ever consider my feelings?" Richie asked, as the crowd cheered. The SNL performance was the first time the guitarist has performed on stage with his band since his stint in rehab in Utah. Luckily his skills on the guitar were up to scratch - not like his acting.

Posted by riesambo at October 16, 2007 06:30 AM