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February 17, 2007

Denise Richards Sideswiped in BH

Denise Richards was the victim of a dangerous hit-and-run sideswipe in Beverly Hills yesterday.The former Bond girl was getting her daughter Sam out of her Mercedes SUV when the car was sideswiped yesterday while parked on Santa Monica Blvd. No one was injured, but Denise was shaken as she told cameras, "The guy took my door off, I was taking her out on the other side and he took the door off!"Richards can be seen unloading car seats and personal items from the Mercedes to a sidewalk, where she and Sam, her daughter with Charlie Sheen, waited over an hour for boyfriend Richie Sambora. After Sambora appeared, he kissed Denise and consoled Sam, and the SUV was towed.

Denise Richards Involved In Car Accident

LOS ANGELES (February 16, 2007) -- Denise Richards and her young daughter were involved in a car accident yesterday in Beverly Hills.

The actress and mother of two was putting her daughter Sam, the oldest into a car seat in the back of her Mercedes ML 450, when another driver sideswiped the car.

A Bentley, driven by an unknown occupant, hit the rear passenger door, bending it out of shape and also nicking the front, driver's door. Denise and her daughter were on the other side of the car at the time.

From footage obtained by Access Hollywood, it appears neither Denise or her daughter were seriously injured. The two waited on the side of the street for authorities to arrive. Denise gave her daughter a cupcake, played with the little girl and made calls for help on her cell phone.

Denise Richards's Fender Bender

A police officer arrived and assisted in the matter as did a tow truck driver.

Denise's current flame, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora turned up too, in his Toyota Sequoia. Wearing a cowboy hat, the rocker helped his lady move her things into his car. They tucked the child safely in the back and drove away from the accident.

Things weren't as easy for the tow truck driver. He was spotted arguing with on the scene photographers who captured the incident on camera.

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