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July 06, 2006

Sambora / Richards...Locklear? 71

Is Locklear expressing her love via tattoos?

Heather Locklear is trying to erase Richie Sambora from her memory — and her body.

Is Locklear expressing her love via tattoos?

Plus: Madonna shilling for charity with ties to Kabbalah

Heather Locklear is trying to erase Richie Sambora from her memory — and her body.

Back when she was happily married to the rocker, Locklear had “Richie” tattooed on her left hip; now that the two are divorcing, the “Melrose Place” star recently went to a tattoo parlor to have the ex’s name obscured by a rose, according to the new issue of Star.

What’s more, the buzz is that she got another tattoo while she was there — which some are seeing as an homage to reported new love David Spade.

“She already had a tattoo of a red heart wrapped in a vine on her right ankle, and she had the word ‘Finch’ added in script above the heart,” an “insider” told the tab.

Spade’s character in the sitcom “Just Shoot Me” was named Finch. Some, however, dismiss the story, saying that Locklear’s relationship with Spade is merely a fling — and nothing as permanent as a tattoo.

Not-so-sweet charity
Madonna is shilling for a charity — but some are saying that there’s more to the cause than meets the eye.

In her Confessions Tour, The Material Girl has been promoting a charity called Raising Malawi, which, according to its Web site, helps the orphaned children of that disease-ravaged African nation.

The charity, it turns out, was founded by the co-director of the Kabbalah Centre, the trendy religion favored by Madonna that some have called a cult. Its board is heavy with people tied to the controversial religion and it proposes to help the orphans through the “empowering principles” of Spirituality for Kids.

“Spirituality For Kids is an organization that was started by the Kabbalah Centre,” Madonna once said. “It gives children the tools to deal with life’s challenges. My daughter is learning about her ego and how to control it. Who’d have thought a child could learn that?”

Notes from all over
Joan Rivers is siding with Star Jones Reynolds. The tart-tongued comic says that the axed co-host of “The View” was right to announce on air that she was fired. “I’m not one of the girls, so I don’t give a [bleep] — as long as they keep using me on ‘The View,’” Rivers told the podcast The Strip. “But if someone was firing me, I’d come out and say I was fired. … Star did exactly the right thing.” . . . Chloe Sevigny says she can’t watch herself in “Big Love” because she’s so self-conscious about her looks. “It may be why I like fashion so much. I feel the need to adorn myself,” the style icon told London’s Mail on Sunday. The reporter asked if Sevigny would give up the “whole style-icon thing and just slob around in Gap jeans all day” to which a “horrified” Sevigny replied: “No! I’ve never worn Gap jeans.” . . . Wanda Sykes says fans love her for her foul mouth. “People ask me to leave a phone message for their boyfriend and curse them out,” the “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” tells Entertainment Weekly. “I’m like, ‘Get the [bleep] out of here, what’s wrong with you? I’m not doing that.’ And even then, they go, ‘Ha ha! She told me to get the [bleep] outta here, she’s so funny!’ I can’t win.”

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