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May 17, 2006

Sambora / Richards...Locklear? 38

intouch_cover.gif Richie dumps Denise
Richie Sambora Says He's Single & Ready To Party
Us Exclusive: Denise Joins Richie on Tour
Richie dumps Denise

After upsetting his estranged wife, Heather Locklear, by hooking up with her ex-best friend, Denise Richards, Richie Sambora has ended his romance with Denise. An insider says Richie痴 feelings for Heather � and especially for their daughter, Ava � made him reconsider.

Pick up this week痴 In Touch to find out what devastating confession Richie made to Denise.

Richie Sambora Says He's Single & Ready To Party

Richie Sambora told the audience at his concert in Dusseldorf, Germany:

"Tell my female fans not to worry. They won't have to fight Denise to get to me. I am single and ready to party.”

In Touch has the scoop:

After upsetting Heather Locklear terribly by hooking up with her ex-best friend, Denise Richards, Richie showed his true feelings by ending the romance.

Denise is devastated by the cover story development. According to a pal, the former Bond girl was “heavy-hearted and very anxious” when her new boyfriend suddenly stopped calling and e-mailing her.

What’s more, he still cares deeply for Heather. Right up until the moment he and Denise, 30, were spotted kissing on April 19, Richie, 46, had been trying to win his wife back. “He sent Heather flowers and a crystal-heart necklace,” says an insider. Then, during a recent date, Richie told Denise that Heather was the love of his life.

Richie became concerned about the effect it might have on his eight-year-old daughter, Ava. “He doesn’t want anything to get in the way of his relationship with his daughter,” the friend says. “He’s very protective of her.”

The stress is getting to Denise and she’s even hired more security

“Denise never expected her romance would make her look like a home wrecker,” a pal says. She’s even a social outcast in her neighborhood, where former friends cross the street to avoid talking to her, a witness says.

Denise rarely leaves her Westlake Village home without a bulky bodyguard in tow. Denise is not only “living in fear” of Charlie, she’s received threats from Richie’s and Heather’s fans, a pal says. “She feels she’s being portrayed as the villain and could be attacked.”

Who’s winning the T-shirt war?

Heather has a lock on the public’s sympathy and is outselling Denise by a landslide at LA clothing store Kitson:



Us Exclusive: Denise Joins Richie on Tour

Richie Sambora may have told female fans recently, “I am single and ready to party,” but he’s not on the market yet.

“Denise and Richie are still together,” Denise Richards‘ rep tells Us.

“They talk all of the time,” says a Richards source. “And they’ve made plans to meet up.” Specifically, Richards will board a plane on May 19 – leaving daughters Lola, 11 months, and Sam, 2, at home – bound for Dublin, Ireland, where Sambora performs on May 20. Since his next show isn’t until May 24 in Germany, the couple will get to enjoy a “romantic visit,” says a source. “Richie is thrilled,” adds a pal.

Why is Sambora pretending to be single? For the rest of the story, as well as details on Heather Locklear and David Spade’s hot date on May 13, check out the current issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

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