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April 26, 2006

Sambora / Richards 3



April 25, 2006 -- DENISE Richards used to be best friends forever with Heather Locklear, but not anymore. Richards - who's divorcing Charlie Sheen and recently revealed in court papers she was disgusted by his alleged taste for teenage porn - was kissing and holding hands over the weekend with Locklear's own soon-to-be-ex, Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora. The two enjoyed romantic moments on Laguna Beach (inset), and after a canoodlefest at cozy Los Angeles eatery Le Café, Richie, 46, and Richards, 35, who arrived in separate cars, left together in one. Yesterday, they were looking cozy on the balcony of Sambora's house in Malibu. Denise attended Heather's 44th birthday party at Koi just a few months ago. To give it all a "Six Degrees of Separation" slant, Heather had a lesbian liplock with Denise on a 2001 episode of "Spin City," the sitcom that starred Sheen, and gushed afterwards: "I have never felt such beautiful soft lips in my life. I fell in love."

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