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March 30, 2006

Help A Local Band Make It Big With Bon Jovi

A local band is hoping to make it big, all they need is a little help from you.� We're talking about the band, After August.� They won the spot to be the opening band for Bon Jovi back in February at the Bi-Lo Center, and now they have the chance to make even more dreams come true and take their music all the way to New York.

Their practice room may be in small, tight quarters, but the heart behind After August is off the charts.
According to Chris Hillard, After August痴 lead vocalist, "We started playing at some fraternity and sorority gigs and stuff around here and we were just a hit." And just over a year after John, Chris, Josh and Darren started After August, they were on top of the world, playing on Bon Jovi's stage at the Bi-Lo Center.
"We got to open up for Bon Jovi, I used to watch him on tv when I was little," says Chris.
John Labanick, the band痴 lead guitarist says, "We're used to playing for 200-300 people at most; sometimes we didn't even have a stage and they're right in front of us and we're just jumping up and down with them. It's definitely different to see just little dots of people out there, so it was amazing, it really was."
Now they have a chance to go even further, they're one of six bands competing to be in Bon Jovi's final four. According to John, "From that final four, Bon Jovi and his lead guitarist, Richie Sambora watch the tape from that night and pick their favorite band." That band gets a demo recording contract and gets to open for Bon Jovi again, this time at New York Giants Stadium.
"Giant Stadium, that would be crazy, that'd be unbelievable, I've dreamed about stuff like that since I was little," says Chris. For John, "To play at a place 4 to 5 times bigger than the Bi-Lo Center would be spectacular." Chris says, "If wanting to go could get us there, we would be there because I think we want it more than anybody else."
But wanting it isn't enough, it'll take your vote on: http://bonjovi.livedaily.com to make this local band's wildest dreams a reality. John says, "It's the people's chance too, to say hey I helped them before they were anybody, I helped them get there." You can help After August make it to the top by voting at http://bonjovi.livedaily.com . You can vote for After August as often as possible and as many times as you want.

Posted by riesambo at March 30, 2006 06:31 AM