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February 12, 2006

Sambora / Locklear 25

What went wrong?

The marriage of TV icon Heather Locklear and rock star Richie Sambora seemed to be a match made in heaven for the past 11 years.

''By all accounts, they were a perfect couple,'' said Jamie Bufalino, senior editor at People magazine. ``Many of their friends envied their relationship.''

This week's People magazine sheds light on why the marriage didn't last.

''Heather happened upon an e-mail, sent to Richie Sambora, from a woman they both knew,'' Bufalino said. ``And contained in the e-mail were provocative pictures.''

According to sources quoted in People, Locklear was ''absolutely devastated'' by her digital discovery. She filed for divorce, blindsiding Sambora. Hours after she filed, Sambora, still unaware of the breakup, gave an interview to ABC News Radio and called the report of the split ``completely untrue.''

Sambora denies any marital indiscretion.

Posted by riesambo at February 12, 2006 04:56 PM