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February 10, 2006

Sambora / Locklear 17

One more time, Paul Harvey! "And now you're going to hear the ressssssst of the story!" Actress Heather Locklear and Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora were working through a rough patch in their marriage, difficulties that developed due to two busy careers, People.com writes.

Then, sources say, a suggestive e-mail an acquaintance sent Sambora was the final straw in Locklear's decision to seek a divorce. Locklear found the e-mail, which contained "provocative pictures" of the woman. Though the woman had long been "a sore subject," says the source, Locklear never thought she and Sambora actually were involved. Whatever conclusions Locklear drew from the photos, they were, her friend believes, the deciding factor. "She's devastated," says the friend. "Absolutely devastated."
Sambora, meanwhile, is as upset by the photos as Locklear, according to their friend: "Richie's saying nothing ever happened, that he never asked for the pictures."
Another source close to the Bon Jovi guitarist told People: "It's absolutely not true that they had an affair."
"I thought they were the perfect couple," says music journalist Lonn Friend. He insists Sambora is not your typical rocker. "He'd sown some wild oats in his day," but since hooking up with Locklear, Friend says, he'd become "a family man." The couple have one daughter, Ava, 8.

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