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November 24, 2005


4. Y2J admits it's the first time he's ever heard "Have A Nice Day", but saw it on the charts on Da Boneyard, wanted to play it and says it's a real good track. He says he likes that squeal that Richie Sambora does and says Sambora's not a bad guitar player who tracked Bon Jovi down in the early 80's and Sambora said "I'm gonna be your new guitar player" and Bon Jovi at that time still had a guitar player. He says Sambora had some "Marc Messy?-like balls" and Y2J says you should have "Messy-like balls" since he's banging Heather Locklear and says he's heard that she likes big balls.


by Jeff Sheridan @ 6:00:00 AM on 11/23/2005

1. Starts the show off with Rob Rock's "I'm A Warrior".
2. Y2J says it's Sunday night 8PM EST, time for the Rock Of Jericho, says he's Chris Jericho on XM 41 Da Boneyard and thanks for joining him again. He says the song "I'm A Warrior" is from the "Holy Hell" LP and says if you're old enough like him to remember what a f****** LP is, then you know you're old. He says an LP was an ancient listening device where you actually had music on a record. He then says LP stands for Long Player and says it's not to be confused with SLP which as he says, was for Short Length Player. He says Rob Rock whose been around for a while like him, was in the Canadian Christian metal band Angelica. He then does a short and horrible version of singing "Oh Canada", says he's Canadian and says everyone from this station that listens to his show should know that by now because he shamelessly promotes it every time. He says Dennis Cameron was the guitar player of Angelica who was a shredder and says he played with Michael Sweet for a while, then Sweet went on his own and his vocalist was Rob Rock. He then says Rock was also in the "Driver" project and says it was also known as "Mars" which he says it stood for "McAlpine, Aldridge, Rock and Sarzo" and says all those last names are self-explanatory [NOTE FROM JEFF: For those that care, the whole names of "Mars" is Tony McAlpine, Tommy Aldridge, Rob Rock & Rudy Sarzo]. He says Rock's known for having a guitar player who's got a flipper for a hand and then says he's not making a stupid handicap joke. He says the guys name might've been Rick Renzlo or something like that and says if you know the name by hard, email him at messagesforchris@aol.com . He then says the guitar player actually had a flipper for a hand and says the crazy thing about it, was that he plays Yngwie Malmsteen and says that's no joke. He then says the guy shreds with his flipper and says it's kinda strange because it's like having a blind guitar player, sort of like Jeff Healey was where he can play the guitar like playing the piano. He then says he got really into it today and didn't mess around and says lots of times he usually talks lots of bull**** before the song starts, but this time he just went right into it. He then says Bon Jovi's "Have A Nice Day" in his opinion is sort of a lame album title which is like "Slippery When Wet" which he says is sort of a happy type of record. He then admits Bon Jovi's got longevity, they're huge and possibly can still play smaller stadiums and says he knows that they still sell out in arenas. He says who is he to laugh at Bon Jovi and then says we at the Rock Of Jericho have never, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER, played a Bon Jovi song before and says that'll change by doing a double shot. He says he'll play "Have A Nice Day" and another which's his favorite Bon Jovi song of all time and it's not a hit. He says it's not "Wanted Dead Or Alive", "Livin' On A Prayer", "Bed Of Roses" or anything like that. He admits he likes Bon Jovi like everyone else, especially when they had "Skid Row" open for them and other bands, but says he was never a huge Bon Jovi fan. Then says his favorite Bon Jovi song of all time is from New Jersey and says it's a great song to play while driving on the freeway on a hot summer day.

3. Plays Bon Jovi's "99 Degrees In The Shade" and "Have A Nice Day".

4. Y2J admits it's the first time he's ever heard "Have A Nice Day", but saw it on the charts on Da Boneyard, wanted to play it and says it's a real good track. He says he likes that squeal that Richie Sambora does and says Sambora's not a bad guitar player who tracked Bon Jovi down in the early 80's and Sambora said "I'm gonna be your new guitar player" and Bon Jovi at that time still had a guitar player. He says Sambora had some "Marc Messy?-like balls" and Y2J says you should have "Messy-like balls" since he's banging Heather Locklear and says he's heard that she likes big balls. He then says you've got to have some huge, drooping testicles to be in a heavy metal band and wear a loincloth and says he's referring to Manowar. He then says when you see Manowar and not really knowing who they are, he says you'd think they're posing for "Blue Boy Monthly" or part of the Gay Pride parade in San Francisco, because they basically wear loincloths on stage. He says they're all muscular and wear oil for all of their promo shots and possibly don't have too much of a following in America and they're one of the biggest bands in Europe. He says when "Kings Of Metal" came out in 1989, there was a riot in the streets of Belgium because the record stores didn't have enough copies of "Kings Of Metal". He says people were fighting and beating each other up, scratching, clawing and tearing their way thru the crowd in order to get the brand new Manowar record. He says that's a little bit crazy, but this is what Manowar brings to the table. He says Manowar has the Guinness Book Of World Records record for being the loudest band in the world and actually called the Guinness people up and asked them to come down, told them they're the loudest band in the world. Then says the Guinness people came to them, used whatever device they had to use to make sure if they qualify for being in Guinness and Manowar got the award for being the loudest band in the world. He says you can throw in the cheesiest band in the world as well as loincloths, oil, motorcycles, swords and the greatest song titles ever. He says after he finishes playing 3 Manowar songs in a row, he wants you to decide which do you think is their fast food restaurant is. He then says when he was in college, he did a video for a school project on the song "Kings of Metal" and he and his friends called themselves "The Power Kings" and actually wore Burger King crowns and loincloths. He said he and friends wore that stuff and walked down a downtown crowded city street. He then says this is what he brings to the table, loincloths, Burger King crowns and some great King metal.

5. Plays Manowars' "Kings Of Metal", "King Of Kings" and "Blood Of The Kings".

6. Y2J says if you have the "Kings Of Metal" record, before "Blood Of The Kings" is an introduction called "The Warrior's Prayer" and says it starts with a little kid talking to his grandfather with the kid saying "Grandfather, tell me a story" and then says the grandfather tells a story about 4 kings from the 4 corners of the world merged to fight battle against the evil of the world. This he says made the grandchild say "Grandfather, who were those 4 men?" and says the grandfather responds by saying "Who were they? They were the metal kings" and the song "Blood Of The Kings" plays. He then says every time he hears that song, he always thinks about that introduction. He says besides the metal kings, it don't get much more metal than Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society who he says is still touring after "Mafia" was released about 8-10 months ago and says they're still kicking it and going great. He says Zakk's built a fine franchise of rock or "Rockisity" as Wylde would say and just released a new double greatest hits record and says his metal scenes have gone down and don't remember the name of it. He thinks it's called "Kings Of Destruction" and says Zakk's always good for some fine doom filled heavy metal titles like "Final Solution", "Stillborn", Demise Of Sanity", "Genocide Junkies" and says he ain't messing around and he's serious. Y2J continues to mention other examples like "Suicide Messiah" and says Zakk takes a list of evil death sounding names and combines two of them together. He still thinks the name of the new double greatest hits record is called "Kings Of Destruction" and says if he's wrong, email him and let him know. He then says Zakk put out a record almost every year since Black Label Society started in either '97 or '98 and says Zakk never stops or quits, always on the road and says when Zakk comes off the road, he puts out another record and Y2J says Zakk's like a modern day Motorhead and says Lemmy [Kilmister] and the crew are the same. He says when Zakk don't have a new record to put out, he puts out a greatest hits record, says the new greatest hits record has a few new songs on it and says one of them is "Doomsday Inc." and says the name "Doomsday" is an evil sounding name while "Inc" sounds very official. He says Zakk borrowed [the idea] from Metallica's "Damage Inc", but says "Doomsday Inc" is worse and says it won't just damage you, but will take you straight till the end of days and says he ain't talking about the Fozzy song ["End Of Days"]. He says one of his favorite Black Label Society songs is from the "Blessed Hell Ride" CD and it's a ballad and says one thing about Zakk, is one of the greatest guitar players of all time and known as a madman by drinking, smashing things and under the wings of Ozzy Osbourne didn't hurt either. He then says Zakk's got a sensitive side that no ones knows about and mentions as an example "Book Of Shadows", "Pride & Glory" which he says is a little more mellow. He then says you can always hear ballads of every Black Label Society record even on "Blessed Hell Ride" and "In This River" from "Mafia". He says he loves the solos on "Blackened Waters" and "Doomsday Inc".

7. Plays Black Label Society's "Doomsday Inc." and "Blackened Waters".

8. Y2J says it's funny that when you hear a ballad that hits you so hard, that it's heavier than the heaviest of songs and says "Blackened Waters" hits him that way because he says it's a mellow, acoustic guitars, but heavier than any song that he can think of. He says you don't have to be plugged in with the distortion turned up to 11 to have a heavy song and asks if you're starting to pick up on what he's throwing down on the show. He says he's been on for either 8 or 9 months trying to teach his fans how to live their metal lives and says today's lesson, is you don't always have to be plugged in to be heavy or old to be wise and says he's not playing that song. He says a friend of his went and saw The Trans-Siberian Orchestra that was put together by John Oliva and Paul O'Neil who're from Savatage, ex-Savatage's Al Pitrelli, Chris Caffery from Savatage play in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He says Zak Stevens sang with Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Circle II Circle which's Stevens' new band from Florida. He says Stevens replaced Oliva in Savatage years ago and says Savatage was the answer to his friend and the answer to his trivia question, which is "Who's the only band that ever recorded an album with 0 original members?" and says it's Savatage with "The Handful Of Rain" record. He then says Stevens is now in Circle II Circle and says what he did for this week's show, was that he wanted to play new stuff and says he got Manny who he says is his "Metal love slave", to send him the Boneyard charts and picked the songs from the charts like "Have A Nice Day", "King Of Kings", "Doomsday Inc." and says when he saw Circle II Circle's "All That Remains", he says that's great because he loves that song. He claims he hasn't heard their version of "All That Remains" nor has he heard Circle II Circle and says "Dammit, now's the time". He says he does like Stevens' voice and thinks his voice's great and says also on the charts is Fozzy's version of "All That Remains" which he says is a different song, but with the same title. He says if he really wanted to get cute, he could play a song by the band All That Remains, but says he don't have time to do so. He says that's it and then says next week, will be a special Thanksgiving episode of his show.

9. Ends the show by playing Circle II Circle's "All That Remains" and Fozzy's "All That Remains".

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