August 19, 2005


Lots of different formats to the new Bon Jovi album, so a recap and some new details to keep everyone on the same page!

In JAPAN, the album is released on September 14th. The standard album in Japan will have the 12 album tracks plus 3 bonus tracks. It will be in a jewel case. There will be the standard thin white paper booklet inside the jewelcase that the label in Japan includes with the lyrics in Japanese and some additional info.

In JAPAN, also released on September 14th, will be the Limited Edition Embossed DigiPak that has a CD and DVD. The CD is exactly the same as the regular package. The DVD contains five songs from the November 2004 show in Atlantic City (Everyday, Miss Fourth of July, I Get A Rush, These Arms Are Open All Night and The Radio Saved My Life Tonight.) It also includes a brief photo gallery and the HAVE A NICE DAY Electronic Press Kit piece (EP - with Japanese subtitles)

INTERNATIONALLY the album will be released on September 19th in standard jewel cases. Most territories (except those who opt not to order) will also carry the Limited Edition Embossed DigiPak with the CD and DVD. The content will be the same on the DVD side as that in Japan (minus the Japanese elements.) ** Remember, the international version of the album is 12 tracks plus 1 bonus track; the UK version is 12 tracks plus 2 bonus tracks.

In the UNITED STATES, the regular CD is coming out on September 20th. It will be a standard jewel case with a booklet inside. Also on September 20th, ISLAND/DEF JAM will mark their first ever DUAL DISK RELEASE with HAVE A NICE DAY by BON JOVI. The HAVE A NICE DAY DUAL DISK will be in the same Limited Edition embossed digipak as Japan gets. The DUAL DISK of HAVE A NICE DAY will have the regular CD on SIDE ONE (12 tracks plus the duet version of Who Says You Can't Go Home) and on the DVD on SIDE TWO you'll have the entire album (except the duet - it wasn't mixed for this) in High Resolution 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound and Stereo. You'll also get the Video for 'Have A Nice Day', the EPK and the live performance footage of Bon Jovi in Atlantic City in November 2004 (Everyday, Miss Fourth of July, I Get A Rush, These Arms Are Open All Night and The Radio Saved My Life Tonight.)

If you like muscles cars, check out the 2006 Annual issue of CHEVELLE (www.superchevy.com) Magazine that highlights this particular car. There is a feature on Jon Bon Jovi's 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS-454.

The big event announced for September 19th at Nokia Theatre in Times Square is very exciting - information on exactly which theatres in the correct markets will be shared next week, as well as how you go about obtaining tickets. Standby and you'll get the information we know you're anxious to have!

Keep requested radio to play HAVE A NICE DAY and keep letting video programmers you want to see the video for HAVE A NICE DAY on tv!!! And start spreading that mischevious smirk.....

Posted by riesambo at August 19, 2005 08:30 PM