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June 19, 2005


Former MELROSE PLACE star HEATHER LOCKLEAR was so determined to land a date
with her rocker husband RICHIE SAMBORA, she "semistalked" him until they got
The sexy actress, who has been married to the BON JOVI star for 10 years,
admits she worked hard at securing a date with him after admiring him from
She says, "I semi-stalked (Richie), but I married him in the end, so it's
"I told my girlfriend to set me up with him. Somehow I heard he would like
me, could like me, who's knows... He never really called back, but finally when
I was in New York he called and he was like, 'Oh hey, I hear you like me!' And
I'm like,
'No, that's not really the way it goes!' "So then my girlfriend said, 'Go out
with him, but don't go to his room.' We tried to get together and it ended up I
went to his room and she called me to see where I was and she goes, 'I can't
you're in his room!'"
And Locklear, who says lots of "making out" occurred on the night,
continues to be impressed with her husband.
She adds, "He's perfectly big! He's sweet, he's funny, but he does what I
want. I think after 10 years he has given up. He's like, 'Whatever makes you

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