May 14, 2005

AS OF MAY 13, 2005

AS OF MAY 13, 2005(Friday, May 13, 2005)

Good morning cherubs!!! So nice to see you visiting our site here at www.bonjovi.com -- just wanted to share the very latest in Bon Jovi updates with you all. Gather round! As of now, there is still no official release date determined for the forthcoming BON JOVI record - nothing confirmed and nothing we're at liberty to discuss with you all. We understand people are genuinely excited (we are too!!!!) and we understand that it can be relentlessly confusing when band members or third parties are mentioning information that may or may not come to pass... so, since this site is the Official Bon Jovi site it makes no sense to toss around speculations. When there is a confirmed released date and we get the greenlight from the band and their managers, we'll be able to announce it officially. We promise, we're not trying to keep any secrets from you - but loose lips sink ships and if we're not allowed to share info, we're not allowed to share info. We're sure you all understand completely.

There is still no official title for the forthcoming BON JOVI album; though a band member might have mentioned a 'working title' there has been no name for the CD chosen and confirmed; again, when one is and we're given that info and the clearance to share it, it will be posted here in the NEWS section!!!!!

There is no artwork to give you a sneakpeak of yet - no photoshoots have taken place, no videoshoots have taken place, lots of behind the scenes work but nothing to share with the public just yet. We KNOW the anticipation is excruciating but the best we can offer is the platitude of 'good things come to those who wait!' :)

There's no final tracklisting assigned either - again, when the band and their camp give us that info and the greenlight to post it, it will be available to you all.

The band is going to tour! Of course! But when the tour will start, what types of venues, what countries, what cities, tickets, etc... we don't have that info yet (and to be honest, it's probably not finalized yet.) So we're waiting on the same info you are; when we get it along with permission to share it, it gets shared with you here.

Unfortunately, the demise of the Oompas who oversaw the QnA function is permanent. Wear a black armband if you like but there are no more. Their fans will mourn; their detractors will rejoice. Pleae do not submit any more queries to the QnA function of this site as it is suspended indefinitely. Should it return, it won't be the same function is was in the past. In the meantime, news will be in the news section, the search function still works in the Q&A section and keep looking on the bright side of life friends!

Life's too short - live it up. :)

Posted by riesambo at May 14, 2005 07:07 PM