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April 06, 2005


ODDS & ENDS (Tuesday, April 5, 2005)

Friday, April 1st DAVID BRYAN performed at the NYC club NA (which is co-owned by pitcher David Wells, a good friend of David's.) DAVID performed alone on a piano. He went on at about 1:00am and performed four songs: Travelin' Band, Sweet Home (NY), Memphis Lives in Me and Wanted Dead or Alive. He even had some girls from the crowd join him up on stage to sing.

Friday, April 1st RICHIE SAMBORA took part in ROCKIN' THE CORPS, a concert celebration for the US Marine Corp out at Camp Pendleton in California. Richie performed three songs: Livin' On A Prayer, It's My Life and Wanted Dead or Alive (with an intro of the Allman Brothers Band's Midnight Rider.) On percussion, he was joined by Everett Bradley and on violin, by Lorenza Ponce. Hugh McDonald handled bass duties. Richie was introduced by his wife, actress Heather Locklear, who actually spent part of her childhood living at Camp Pendleton (her father was a Marine Colonel and was stationed in Camp Pendleton.) Heather introduced her daughter, Ava Sambora who wasted no time introducing the 35,000+ Marines and military family members to her Daddy. The concert was captured on film for future release so eventually there will be a version of the one-time event viewable to the wider public. Plus, check out the usual celebrity syndicated photo sites - there are lots of them. And, look for images in the entertainment magazines that come out this week.

Jon Bon Jovi is heading out to L.A. to tape an appearance on NBC's hit show VEGAS... as himself. Continuing the ongoing rivalry between John Elway's Colorado Crush and Jon Bon Jovi's Philadelphia Soul, the hit TV show's season finale will include appearances by both Elway and Bon Jovi as themselves. We can't give away any details of the plot because it's the big season finale.. but it's pretty funny. The season finale is slated to air on Monday, May 23rd on NBC. Keep an eye open heading into the end of the program's season for NBC advertising promoting the finale. After they wrap on the set of Las Vegas, Jon heads to Denver to witness the big Soul/Crush showdown on Sunday in person.

It would appear we have an update on David, Richie and Jon... but nothing today given to us on Tico. But we can tell you that the weather expected in his part of Florida looks to be sunny and in the low 80s tomorrow.

MORE ODDS AND ENDS (Tuesday, April 5, 2005)

DAVID BRYAN is still slated to do a Master's Class for VH-1 SAVE THE MUSIC this FRIDAY, APRIL 8th at an elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. SAVE THE MUSIC promotes music education in schools and David will be interacting with students and playing piano and discussing music with them. This is closed to the public.

On Thursday, APRIL 21st, The Atlanta Chapter of The Recording Academy will give out their highest honor to outstanding individuals and institutions in the Georgia regions that have made an impact in the music community. Proceeds from the event will benefit MusicCares. The local honorees are The B-52s, Coreta Scott King, Usher and Charlie Brusco. Each honoree will have a VIP Presenter to introduce/induct them... then an artist will perform in their honor. Charlie Brusco is a manager (over the years he's worked with Bad Company, Peter Frampton, Survivor, Tesla, John Waite and Styx)and longtime friend of Bon Jovi. JON BON JOVI is confirmed as the VIP Presenter for Mr. Brusco at this event. This will not be a televised event. There will be some media coverage.

Electric guitar innovator LES PAUL is celebrating his 90th Birthday this year with alot of special events. One of them is an all-star collaboration album. Les Paul is currently recording an album and is joined on various tracks by musicians/guitarists including Eric Clapton, Sting, Peter Frampton, Johnny Rzeznik, Jeff Beck, Joss Stone, Joan Osborne, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and RICHIE SAMBORA. We don't at this time have information on what track Richie will be collaborating with Les Paul on. There are many other Les Paul celebrations in the pipeline including being inducted into the Songwriters' Hall of Fame on June 9th, books being released, summer tour dates and an appearance as Spotlight Artist at the JVC Jazz Festival in NYC where he'll perform with special guests. At this time, Richie Sambora is anticipated to be involved in more than just the CD collaboration however no details on which additional Les Paul related events he'll be a part of. More info as it is provided to us.

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