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March 24, 2005

Rock babes rated high

Rock babes rated high

On the rare occasion in the music world, groupies and band-aids turn into girlfriends and sometimes, even prospective wives.
Believe it or not, there really is a natural evolution when it comes to the busty, bleach blond eye-candy hanging on the arms of those tattooed, greasy-haired rockstars.

It takes a special kind of lady to make a womanizing playboy who has a girl in every city settle down. That's why Blender magazine was kind enough to rank the lovely ladies and crown the "Hottest Rock n' Roll Girlfriend" of all time.

Blond bombshells Rachel Hunter (Rod Stewart), Anna Kournikova (Enrique Iglesias), Heather Locklear (Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora) and Cameron Diaz (Justin Timberlake) made the cut.

But topping the list is the most infamous blond of them all — Pamela Anderson.

Perhaps it's because she is indeed the sexiest, or maybe it's because she dated the most rockstars in total. Quality or quantity, you can't argue that the woman who counts Bret Michaels, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee among her ex's is one hot momma.

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It takes some skill to tick off an entire nation, but it seems Beyonce Knowles has done just that. And it wasn't some little, inconsequential country like Iceland or Mongolia, either. She ticked off France — the country that brought us french fries and French actor Gerard Depardieu.

The Destiny's Child singer is being charged with murder by the people of France for massacring the French song Vois Sur Ton Chemin at the Academy Awards last month.

French actress Julie Delpy is leading the attack against the bootylicious one.

Madame Delpy says she was disgusted by Beyonce's rendition of the song, because it sounded like she was singing in Chinese instead of French.

The Before Sunrise actress claims that to her fellow countrymen, listening to the song on Oscar night was like being stabbed in the heart.

No word on what Monsieur Depardieu thinks of Beyonce's performance.

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Nicole Richie is threatening, er, I mean promising to release her debut album in the coming months.

Paris Hilton's substantially less-attractive sidekick says the project is a mixture of rock, soul and dance music.

The multi-talented daughter of 80s icon Lionel Richie plays the piano, violin and cello, and she's attempting to mash all of those instruments into her already style-crowded album.

Nicole also grew up figure skating, so she's likely trying to squeeze a triple axel in between tracks three and four, which may further delay the album's release.

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There's no denying Gwen Stefani has great legs. An In Touch magazine poll is going as far as saying the singer has the best legs in the business.

Uma Thurman (2), Jennifer Lopez (3), Cameron Diaz (4), chick pea Fergie (5) and Oscar winner Hilary Swank (9) all made the greatest gams list as well.

Perhaps the most shocking inclusion was Tina Turner (6). Despite their 42-year age difference, the Proud Mary shouter beat out a much younger Britney Spears (7).

Now that's gotta sting.


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