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January 14, 2005


(Thursday, January 13, 2005)
Happy 2005. We hope you enjoyed a fun holiday season. Lots on the horizon in the Bon Jovi world for 2005. Here's a quick hit of information for you:

* Yes, there will be a NEW STUDIO ALBUM in 2005
* There is no official title for the album yet
* There is no official single from the album yet
* There is no official release date(s) assigned yet
* There is no info on artwork or pictures or videos or anything
* There is no information at all on any touring plans
PLEASE do not submit questions to the Q-n-A section of this website asking for the above information; when the band is ready to announce news, the band will do so and it will be easy information to find. It won't be a secret!

- Thank you for asking; everything is fine & well with Richie and family and their homes in Southern California given the recent weather.

- The Philadelphia Soul, the Arena Football League co-owned by Jon Bon Jovi, kicks off their sophomore season this year. This coming Monday, the official Soul Season Ticket Holders Pep Rally will take place at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. This includes a Bon Jovi performance (full band) just as last year's pep rally did. This is NOT open to the public; it is only for Soul season ticket holders. Should you be interested in buying tickets (season ticket packages or single game tickets) please make sure to visit the team's official website (www.philadelphiasoul.com) to learn more about the team, their schedule, ticket availability and the incredible things that the Soul organization is doing in the city of Philadelphia in terms of charity and philanthropy. The first home game is Sunday, February 13th in Philly.

www.richiesambora.com is not currently up and running. When Richie's official website relaunches (and we don't know when that might be) we will let you know. Until then, ANYONE claiming to be putting up a website or starting a 'fan club' is ILLEGITIMATE and does not have any affiliation or relation to Richie Sambora, nor do they have his blessing to do anything on his behalf and in his name. Save your money. It is NOTHING to do with Richie Sambora. *And as always, there is only one official fan club for BON JOVI - www.backstagejbj.com - and no others anywhere on the planet.

www.bonjovi.com did win Best Official Artist Site from www.livedaily.com so thank you to all who voted.

THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT: LIVE Deluxe Edition won the CREATIVE EXCELLENCE AWARD for music form on DVD from DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (DEG) -- the award was accepted in Las Vegas last week (in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show) by the director, Anthony M. Bongiovi of TBJ Entertainment. Congrats to all involved.

Thousands upon thousands of fans' testimonials were submitted for inclusion in the booklet that accompanied the 100,000,000 BON JOVI FANS CAN'T BE WRONG box set. And while less than 200 were ultimately included for posterity in the actual artwork and layout of the booklet, none were thrown away... all were saved and we're sharing them with you now. If you go to the FAN FOCUS page or to the BOX SET page, you can click on TESTIMONIALS. What is just the first batch (of many to come) are up for you to enjoy. One of the common threads among all the messages to the band and about the band was that you all wanted to share those messages... and now you can. We'll continue to post additional batches over the coming weeks for you to read. Well done - a great representation of the band's fans across the globe!

So gear up for a great 2005 - lots in store for you.

Posted by riesambo at January 14, 2005 02:02 PM