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December 29, 2004

THE 2004 WRAP UP...

THE 2004 WRAP UP...
(Tuesday, December 28, 2004)

We hope wherever you are and whatever holiday you're celebrating, you're healthy and safe and with those you love this season. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HUGH McDONALD who turns %#&%! this year...

How do we sum up Bon Jovi's 2004 in as quick a way as possible? How's this for Cliff Notes?

Baby Hector was revealed
The Philly Soul hit the field
This Left Feels Right came out on DVD
A Grammy win is still yet to be
'Memphis' makes its California debut
Baby Romeo greets the world anew
Jon and Richie write day and night
Charity appearances left and right
Richie receives an honorary degree one fine May
The Trouble With Frank filming gets underway
Summertime brings sun and fun and beaches galore
Plus time in the studio recording and writing more
Jon hits the road, talking and performing in support of Kerry
November 2nd came and went; he was not merry
Bon Jovi is honored at the AMAs
How 'bout that sneak peak of Have A Nice Day?
The box set is released after so long
A thank you present to the greatest fans
A thank you gift from a grateful band
One night only in AC history is made
Bon Jovi performs songs never before played
The Today Show - what an early morning
Thousands of diehard fans at the day's dawning
Thank you for a great 2004.
Thank you still for so much more.
For twenty years gone and the future in full swing
New Bon Jovi music coming this spring
From us and ours, thanks for visiting us here
To you and yours, a Happy and Rockin' New Year.

Have a wonderful, safe New Year and we'll see you in 2005 with more music, more exclusive AXP content (music and video) plus the launch of the first-ever Bon Jovi Online Store and great things to come...

Posted by riesambo at December 29, 2004 10:39 AM