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December 15, 2004

Yahoo! Alerts 12/14/2004

Keyword News [Richie Sambora]

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Jon Bon Jovi: This one I take personally, so take this nomination with a grain of salt. Last week I covered the opening night at Billy Crystal's one-man show on Broadway. I interviewed many A-list names on the red carpet, but when Bon Jovi made his way toward me, he took one look at my FOX News microphone and said "Forget FOX," and walked away (that is the G-rated version of what he actually said).

I don't think he knows that I heard him.

I was hurt. First of all, I've been a huge fan of Bon Jovi ever since high school. But more to the point, it wasn't "Forget FOX" when I did a feature on him singing at New York City firehouses after 9/11. It wasn't "Forget FOX" when I covered the release of his new album "Bounce" when he fumbled snaps at Giants Stadium. It wasn't "Forget FOX" when I covered his NFL kick-off concert in Times Square, and it wasn't "Forget FOX" when I followed Richie Sambora behind the scenes at Continental Airlines Arena for yet another feature story on the band. And it wasn't "Forget FOX" when FOXNews.com did a piece on Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres' baby clothes company.

But I'll tell you what, Jon. I will remember "Forget FOX" the next time your publicist calls to pitch me a story on your behalf. Grrr!

Posted by riesambo at December 15, 2004 11:40 PM