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December 11, 2004


(Friday, December 10, 2004)

TV VIEWERS keep your eyes open...Beginning today (Friday, December 10th) there will be a BON JOVI piece on CNN's 'Daily News from Entertainment Weekly' Feed which goes out to more than 70 affiliates in the US and overseas. Also, beginning on Sunday, December 12th, look for a slighly longer piece on BON JOVI to be on CNN HEADLINE NEWS. This segment is footage from the AMA soundcheck and interviews and repeats approximately hourly for a day. All this footage then is available to CNN International, CNNfn, CNN Spanish, CNN Radio, CNN Airport Channel and CNN IN-Flight (we however have NO confirmation or information as to whether or not any of these elements will run the story.)

Posted by riesambo at December 11, 2004 09:09 AM