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March 02, 2004

Shark Frenzy

Shark Frenzy Featuring Bruce Foster & Early Richie Sambora

This Album is dedicated to Richie Smabora and the members of Shark Frenzy - Still the best friends anyone could ever have in a lifetime.

1 Come Saturday Night (1980)
2 Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young (1980)
3 Law Of The Jungle (1980)
4 Nobody (1978)
5 The Ones With The Angel's Eyes (1978)
6 The Power (1978)
7 I'll Play The Fool (1980)
8 Laura's Birthday
9 Southern Belle (1976) [ Richie on Vocal!!! ]
10 Lovin' Me Now (Japanese Only Bonus Track)


It was 1978, I was playing in a club in East Brunswick, New Jersey, tightning up some new songs. An immediately likable 18 years old named Richie Sambora asked if he could jam with us. To my band's amazement, I agreed. We started playing "Kansass City", a song everybody knows. Richie's rhythm playing was O.K., so I said, "Richie, take a solo" -he flipped the toggle switch on his Les Paul Custom and played one beautiful, sustained note that sounded like a violin. Before he played the next note I turned to him and said, "You're in the band."

This album features Richie's first time playing and singing in a recording studio. The master tapes of these priceless recordings were erased by the recording studio. I had the mixes on tape which went under 2 feet of salt water and river silt in the flood.
Now over 20 years later, though months of careful restoration (thanks to new computer formats), these recordings equal and in some cases exceed their original sonic spectrum.

Bruce Foster

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